Getting to refocus the Locus:
Today the Renasian Locus, Renasia’s national paper, reopens its door for the first time in very nearly a year. What a year it has been! We’ve seen a mass of activity too long and complex to unwind, but highlights include:

  • The gaining of Gishabrun SAR after the loss of Monovia.
  • The attendance of PoliNation by several Renasians (though only two were at the time).
  • The creation of a new constitution and the instatement of the new political system we now refer to as the Guntanu’tl.

Ultimately, this paper had been neglected, not due to a lack of internal activity, but due to the plentiful nature of it. Ultimately, we became too busy with internal work to really tell you about it. So consider this our renewed statement of intent. From now on, the Locus brings you reliably regular Renasian reports.

Ready a mask, SARs inbound:
If we had a Pecune for everytime someone made a SARs/SARS joke we’d have bought a small island, like Iceland, by now. However, it should be noted, the number of SARs we have has grown drastically in the last month.
Beginning with Azehtyl in late February, followed by Kozuc on the first of this month, Renasia has expanded with explosive force. Undeniably, the necessary ‘binding energy’ for this arrangement is going to be a key focus for the Federal Government. However, having seen the early signs, I think the stability of this complex in fundamentally going to be higher than one might expect. It is by good fortune we find common cultural ground with our new SARs.

ACRE Act 2013 passes:
The ACRE Act 2013 has been passed by the Guntanu’tl. This act established an new political organ in Renasia, the Assembled Council of Regional Executives (ACRE). Compiled of representatives from each of Renasia’s regions, they will be tasked with producing advice on regional politics for the Guntanu’tl. They will be granted, too, with the power of ‘localisation’. Given an over fifty percent majority, localisation (the act of enforcing a bill’s prescriptions only in the Executive Regions which accept it, as opposed to Federal enforcement’) can be forced by the ACRE.

Supreme Judge nominations begin:
The filling of the Guntanu’tl will only serve to step up the pace of Renasian political life. To this end, the final position on the Guntanu’tl has today been opened to nomination. Thus far, it is projected the main candidates will come from Azehtyl and Kozuc, with Sam Krimmer affirming his nomination earlier today.

SocraFed: New Face of Renasian State Capitalism?
SocraFed, or more fully Socratic Federal Industries; an umbrella to cover the management of RenTech, KleinZav, Azehtyl’s state industries and possibly the Kozuc industries and speculated RenChem companies. An opt-in umbella corp, it would be set up to easily to manage the subsidiaries and even out capital produced to make sure all industries were able to thrive. Proponents suggest this could become the basis of a highly stable Renasian Federal economic community which would be a wonderful demonstration of Renasia’s fiscal fortitude.

As ever, more on these stories in the coming days, thanks for your attention. If you spot the hidden joke, ten points to you. It is, as you might expect, bold.